DeMusis Radiator
Complete Cooling System Specialists

DeMusis Radiator, Inc.

Is based in New Haven, Connecticut, started in 1977, incorporated in 1986, and specializes in truck, industrial, and automotive cooling systems servicing customers from all over the United States. No matter what make, model, or year your vehicle might be, we can handle it flawlessly.

With over 44 years in business, we always delivered the best service available with quality and customer satisfaction being our top priority at a fair price.  Our dedicated services have earned us our customers’ trust and business. DeMusis Radiator, Inc. would like the opportunity to earn your business, try us you won’t be disappointed. Give us a call to discuss your needs.
Tom DeMusis, Pres.

DeMusis Radiator

What We Do

We can service either by repairing, recoring, or sales of new complete radiators from units as small as a heater core 4” x 5” to as large as a 10’ x 10’ generator radiators; and as rare as a Duisenberg to early Ferrari’s, farm tractors, heavy-duty truck and off-road application radiators such as CAT, Dresser, Euclid, Terex, and more.

What We Offer

If you need help with your vehicle’s cooling systems, we will assist you with all present and future needs. We deal with auto, industrial, and trucks of all sizes and repairs of all types from copper brass, steel to aluminum.

  • 1 Mid-size Trucks
  • 2 Generator Core Sets
  • 3 Truck Complete Charge Air Coolers
  • 4 Truck Recored Charge Air Coolers

Our Specialties

  • Made in USA Cores
  • Heavy Industrial Recores
  • Truck Radiator Recores
  • Mid Size Truck Complete Radiators
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Charge Air Cooler Recores
  • Antique Recores
  • Auto & Light Truck Complete Radiators
  • Heater Cores
  • Oil Coolers
  • Farm Tractor Recores
  • Corvette Complete Radiators & Recores
  • Model A 1928-1931
  • Street Rod Recores
  • Jeep Radiators 1942-1972
  • Marine Heat Exchangers
  • Gas Tanks
  • Fan Assemblies
  • A/C Condensers & Parts

Parts Accessibility

We can ship radiators from various locations in the USA. In the US, our distribution centers are located conveniently across the East or West Coast, Mid-West, or North or South.